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Home Sellers’ Profit Exclusions Aren’t One-Time Opportunities

Many homeowners sell their houses at a profit, which raises questions about taxation. Fortunately, the IRS gives breaks on these profits. Click through to learn about some hidden details that can save you a lot of money.

Who Is a ‘Trusted Contact’ for a Brokerage Account?

When investors open a new brokerage account or when they update their account information, they may want to provide a “trusted contact.” Click through to learn what this means and why you need to take it seriously.

How to Deal With Estate Litigation

Everyone hopes that there will be minimal drama when settling the estate of a loved one, but unfortunately, money and emotions can be a volatile mix. Click through for a look into what happens when the situation erupts and ends up in court.

Your Executor Must Wear Many Hats

One of the most important decisions you will make as part of your estate plan will be choosing an executor — the person who will carry out your final wishes. Click through for a look at the duties in order to help you choose someone who is up to the tasks.

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