Diversity & Inclusion at Whelan Corrente

To us, “diversity” isn’t just a buzzword or a checkbox; it must be a fundamental aspect of building successful and sustainable work cultures. We know that diverse teams are more likely to re-examine assumptions and bring different points of view to a question or issue, which can yield stronger results. But it’s not just about the bottom-line impact on business. It’s also about creating a culture of belonging where everyone feels valued and respected. We believe that when people feel included, are treated with respect, and are heard and seen without judgment, they are more likely to want to participate fully in their workplaces – and enjoy their work.

At Whelan Corrente, we recognize that through diversity and inclusion we bring myriad perspectives, experiences and values to every case, every defense, and every negotiation.

“We increasingly serve a diverse population of clients leading schools, universities, municipalities, businesses and individuals. Often, we are helping these leaders ensure that their own workplaces are diverse and inclusive. We know that we must practice what we counsel, and for all the same reasons. It improves our work product and deepens our clients’ trust. Diversity matters.”