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The ‘Fear of Missing Out’ Syndrome

The fear of missing out can affect many aspects of our lives. Is something happening that we’re not a part of? The idea of this is enough to send some people into panic mode. Click through for some thoughts on how FOMO can affect money-related decisions and what you can do about it.

Changes in Homeowners’ Deductions for Mortgage Interest and Taxes

Recent law changes impose limits on the amounts that homeowners who itemize deductions on Form 1040’s Schedule A are able to deduct for interest payments on mortgages for their personal residences. Click through to make sure you follow the correct regulations.

IRS Sounds Alarms on Abusive Tax Shelters and Transactions

In its desire to combat abusive tax shelters, the IRS is leaning more heavily on audits, summons enforcement and litigation. Are you protecting yourself? Click through to be informed about schemes to avoid.

What Kind of Insurance Do Homeowners Need?

Interested in protecting your home and your possessions against damage or theft? Click through to learn about how to obtain financial relief if a covered event, such as fire, wind or snow, has caused damage to your home, property or personal belongings.

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