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Just What Is a Conservatorship?

Everyone has heard about pop star Britney Spears and her battle to terminate her conservatorship. But such estate planning tools are not just for the rich and famous. Click through for an introduction to this important but little-known aspect of estate planning.

What Is a Dead Cat Bounce?

This offbeat metaphor refers to a brief uptick in an investment during a long downward spiral. But colorful image aside, what does it mean for investors?

Pen and Ink May Do for a Valid Will

n a world where everything is digitally accessible and typed with a keyboard, probate courts might still be open to accepting a handwritten will, though this may only be possible under specific circumstances. But just because it might be accepted does not always mean that submitting a handwritten will is a good idea.

When Death Do Us Part

A prenuptial agreement specifies how a couple’s assets will be divided at the time of death, among other roles that it plays, all of which can make for an important tool during the process of estate planning.

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