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Work Around Retirement Myths

A number of myths and misconceptions dominate common practices for retirement planning. Many formulas seek an overall rule for retirees across the board, even though solutions must be personalized. Click through to learn how to get off on the right foot.

How To Handle Stepfamilies in Your Estate Plan

If your family includes children from more than one relationship, estate planning is complicated. You will want to avoid conflict and inadvertent disinheritance of children. Click through to consider each child’s needs and all the issues that can potentially lead to a conflict.

When Should You Take Social Security?

When you start to take Social Security can directly affect your benefit amount. How do you determine the ideal point to apply for benefits so you can maximize them? Click through to learn how a Social Security break-even calculator works.

Caregiving and Retirement Savings

Looking after a spouse or parent who is frail or debilitated can be both challenging and immensely rewarding. One must address not only the emotional and practical implications but the financial ones as well. Click through for an introduction to this complex and sensitive topic.

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