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Can You Use Charitable Trusts?

You can reduce the tax burden your heirs incur on their inheritance — while you support meaningful charities. Click through to learn how to use charitable trusts for income tax deductions and savings on estate and gift taxes.

Medical Deductions for Doctor-Recommended Adjustments

You don’t get too much help from the IRS when it comes to medical deductions, unless the costs are substantial. But there are some quirks that can help. Click through to make sure you don’t leave anything on the table.

Get Onboard with the FIRE Movement

If you equate freedom with not having to work, then your dreams of feeling free can come true with an early retirement. But making an early retirement happen requires a lot of thought and planning. Click through for some advice to make your dream a reality.

Gift Characterizations Cast Long Shadows

It’s one of the more difficult decisions that come across the desks at the IRS: What is a gift and what is compensation? Click through for some insights into this age-old question to make sure you’re on the right side.

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