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Investors Exhibit Herding Behavior

Human investors often flock together in search of profits by following one another’s leads. That behavior can be potentially destructive, both to individual portfolios and to asset markets in aggregate. Click through to learn more about it, and how to avoid it.

How Real Estate Can Slow Inflation

Getting into the housing market could potentially help you inflation-proof your future. Basically, as inflation rises, so should the value of your home, all while the loan-to-value ratio of your mortgage decreases.

Learning To Embrace Technology in Retirement

Technology is not to be undervalued. In fact, it can make your retirement years especially rewarding. The idea is to look at the big picture and realize that even as you age, you’re not alone in your desire to connect with family and friends. Click through for insights into using the latest developments.

Black Swans Surprise Investors

Even the most orderly markets are subject to sudden surprises that seem rational only with the benefit of hindsight. Click through for a review of these “black swans” so you’re not overwhelmed when they affect you.

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