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How To Value Items In An Estate

Eventually, you will have to obtain a value for an estate you inherit. But it’s not always a straightforward task, and sometimes the executors need to call in experts. Click through for an introduction to this important estate planning task.

What Are Key Trust Problems?

Creating a trust isn’t terribly complicated. However, small problems can snowball and create serious issues down the line. Click through to learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them when setting up a trust.

The Top Legal Concerns for the Elderly

As you head into your golden years, you’ll want to sit down with professionals to address health planning, estate planning and more, so these issues are taken of if you become incapacitated. Click through for a rundown of the key legal issues you’ll face as you age.

How To Use a QPRT

A qualified personal residence trust or QPRT allows you to remove your home from your estate to reduce your gift tax. Do you need one, and if so, how can it work for you? Click through for the intricacies of this form of trust.

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