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Know the Key Estate Planning Questions

If you’re like most people, you think about estate planning to provide for your family. You’d like your estate distributed according to your wishes, but it can get complicated.

What Kind of Mortgage Is Best for You?

Ready to begin your search as you start the process of buying a home? The first step is to think about the many different types of mortgages and make a decision about which of these options is the best one for you.

Out-of-State Properties Can Be a Probate Headache

It sounds glamorous to have access to a beach house by way of knowing the owner of said beach house. However, when the owner is no longer alive to enjoy the property and you have been awarded ownership of said beach house after he or she passed, you might find that the privilege is more stressful than it is enjoyable. Ultimately, second homes can be problematic when the time comes to probate an estate.

How To Take a Bath in the Market

Selling stocks at a loss — not just a decline on paper — is gut-wrenching. It is human instinct to resist the desire to pull the trigger if hope springs eternal. Click through for tips on managing the situation so that you can make a rational choice, not an emotional one.

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