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Homeowners’ Deductions for Property Taxes on Personal Residences

When Form 1040 time rolls around, individuals who itemize deductions for state and local taxes use Schedule A of Form 1040 to claim such write-offs. But the rules can get tricky.

Give Your Heirs a Fair Shake

When you are planning how to divide your estate among family members, fair does not necessarily mean “equal.”

What Are Short-Term Care Insurance Plans?

Can short-term care insurance help older Americans live in their own homes? How does it work, and might such a plan be right for you? Click through for the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of these plans.

White Flags: Signals of Market Capitulation

It happens periodically: Investors decide to unload securities that have fallen in price, which leads to a rapid plunge. What are the signs and what can you do? Click through for some insights into the fast-moving market change.

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