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Refinance When Interest Rates Are on the Rise?

Homeowners refinance their mortgage loans for several reasons, but most do it to lower their loan’s interest rate. This isn’t surprising: A lower interest rate means a lower monthly mortgage payment. And that can save homeowners thousands of dollars every year, depending on how much their interest rate falls. But refinancing your mortgage could make sense even when interest rates are going up.

QCDs: Tax-Free Gifts to Charity

If you have an IRA, you are required to take out a certain amount of money each year once you reach age 73, even if you don’t need the funds. This is known as a required minimum distribution and it can increase your taxable income, potentially pushing you into a higher tax bracket.

Not Your Grandparent’s Assisted Living Any Longer

Even if you or a loved one are not enthusiastic about a move to assisted living, everyone can take some encouragement from how residential communities have developed over the past decades.

How To Contest a Will

There are various reasons why a will may be challenged, and not all of them involve family disputes. Let’s explore some situations where contesting a will may be deemed necessary.

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